2023 Planning Meeting

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  • January 28, 2023
  • 10:00 AM
  • Organizer(s): Homoneks and Moshells

We will gather around 10 am for a time of “Charming Chit-Chat” and Calendar Meeting before we enjoy some of Dana’s famous Texas style brisket for lunch.  The club is sponsoring the lunch so no need to bring anything but your calendar and event ideas.

Parking can be tight.  Driveway parking is for those with mobility limitations.  Other parking is at the street in front of the house and in front of both neighbors on either side. Neighbors on right side can hold more cars if parked perpendicular to the street.  We will have some cones set up to help guide the parking spaces.  Carpooling is always encouraged.

We will kick off the meeting by resuming the presentations of the Rodney Award by Doug Duffee and then the Len Thomas Technical Achievement award by Pat Kemp or their designated presenter’s.

Please look over your 2023 calendar and note any events that you would like to host or to be included on the Healey Calendar this year.  Record any established event dates that may be known to you and/or any events that you would like to serve as the sponsor. We also need volunteers to host tech sessions and suggestions for event topics.  (If you cannot attend, we still welcome your input. Email me at charliemoshell@aol.com prior to Saturday and I will make sure your ideas and suggestions are shared.)

This year we would like to return to the team approach practice of days past for our club to have a host person, couple or couple members for each event.  This was a practice used in the past in keeping an open invitation to encourage more members to be or get involved as helpers with club activities.

This team approach helps spread the responsibilities allowing the host and team to write up some information describing and promoting the event, planning a group drive to the event when applicable, or even coordinate the event and follow-up with a newsletter article and pictures within 30 days of the event.

Remember this is your club and your leadership staff really wants it to include the activities desired by the membership. 

PS:  Reminder Annual Club membership renewals are due at this time and can easily be completed online.

Best Regards,

Charlie Moshell