Tucker Cruise-In / Stable of Thoroughbreds (The Cofer Collection)

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Tucker Cruise-In / Stable of Thoroughbreds (The Cofer Collection)
  • August 13, 2022
  • 10:00 PM
  • Organizer(s): Mark Leinmiller
More Info About This Event

The Tucker Cruise-In can accommodate up to 20 Healey's in the Marquee display positions so it's first come, first served. 

RSVP to: Mark Leinmiller at leinmiller@bellsouth.net - ASAP

    1. Are you coming to the Cruise-In?

    2. Will you visit the Cofer Collection?

    3. Are you driving a Healey?

We will start by attending the monthly (April-October) Tucker Cruise-In.

  • 10am: Meet at Matthews Cafeteria at 2299 Main Street, Tucker, GA 30084. Chip Cofer will be reserving the center lane of the Cruise In (Main Street) for us as the featured cars.
  • 11am - We will be led into the Cruise In's center lane for the Cruise-In. Let's get those cars shined up and representing well!
  • 2pm - Cruise In is over. We will leave and drive over to the Cofer Collection at Stable of Thoroughbreds, 3702 Lawrenceville Hwy, Tucker, GA 30087 where we will convene  for our club’s tour of the facility and the cars within.

The Cofer Collection, or Stable of Thoroughbreds, is a private collection, not open to the Public, and is one of the finest in the Southeast.  It is an eclectic combination of All American Automobiles amassed by the late Gene Cofer and his son Chip. Every car is meticulously maintained and driven on a regular basis by curator Cecil McCall and overseen by Chip. The highlight and shining star of the collection is a 1935 Fernandez and Darin bodied SJ Duesenberg originally owned by the late Madeline Astor, widow of John Jacob Astor. The collection has had many cars appear in movies, such as "Tucker- The Man and his Dream" and "Bobby Jones- Stroke of Genius".

Gene Cofer started his collection in the early 50's and since then the Cofer car collection and the Cofer family has grown. He loved antique automobiles and sharing them with others.  It was not unusual to see him driving to work in one of his many collectible cars.  His motto was, "If you can't enjoy them, why have them?" 

Gene Cofer passed away in 2000, at the age of 70. However, the collection is still growing today thanks to his wife Neta, their children, and grandchildren, who all enjoy and love the collection, and want to see it grow and stay together. 

The collection continues to thrive today through auctions, shows, tours, open houses for car enthusiasts, and out of love and affection for the cars and admiration for the man who made the collection what it is today,