About Us

The Atlanta Chapter of the AHCA is one of the largest and most active chapters in North America. We are over 110 members strong and enjoy our Healey friends as much as our cars. We were sanctioned in 1981... now over 39 years old!


In this site, you will find our event schedule, photos, contact information as well as technical articles for our members. Even if you don’t currently own a Healey, you can join and The Atlanta Austin-Healey Club will help you find one.

Donald Healey’s son, Geoffrey, once wrote:

In a sense, owning a Healey creates the need to join a club, while the existence of clubs inspires many people to own a Healey!

Many Austin-Healeys and Jensen-Healeys are very affordable. They are easy to work on and maintain.

Imagine driving an excellent example of British Car History made famous by Donald M. Healey. On the road, they bring smiles and “thumbs up” everywhere.